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How My Heart Burns For You - Sample Love Letter


Dear _______,

It’s been almost two years since I've met you, and every day I fall in love with you over and over again. Everything about you is so beautiful to me. Your smile, your eyes, your lips…there isn't a thing I don’t like about you.

Every Friday as I see you preaching on stage, my heart gets so out of control that I can't even look up at you. I know I can't bear looking straight at you because you are so wonderful to me. You set my heart on fire with just a glance.

You don’t know how my heart skips a beat when you walk by, how your very presence makes my insides feel out of place. Sometimes I wish I could just jump out of my seat and run into your arms. I don’t know how you feel for me, but I know how I feel for you.

I really just want to see you happy, even if the person you marry turns out not to be me. True love is about the other person, it’s not about yourself. I am willing to let you go where you want, but I hope that eventually you choose me. I Love You, Pauly!

Love always,


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