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A Fool For Love - Apology Love Letter


Dear ___________,

Please, __________ me, ___________. I must have been a _________ for all the things I ______. I know I acted like such a___________. I never meant to _________ you with my _______ ______.You know how much I _________ you. All I can say is I'm so __________. Can't you see that you're all I _____ about? I'll never give up on _____ or our ________. I'll never throw our__________ away. Now that I've had some distance away from the ___________, a little time to think about this ________, I can see things more clearly. I just have a difficult time ______ when you're near. But I know that together, we'll find a way to make___________. Please tell me that you ________ me and __________ me. With bated breath, I await your ________.


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