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Brokenhearted - Apology Love Letter


Dear ________,

My heart is ______ and ________. I _______ you in my life more than I've ever _________ anything. I've shed more ________ for you than I've ever _______ in my life, and I'm so ________. I never knew how painful __________ could be. Please say you'll _____ me another _________. Can't you see how ________ you are to me and how much I _______ you? My life means _______ without ________ by my side. I swear that I'll always be _____ to you and will be _________ you want me to be. Please _____ me, and __________ me you'll give our _________ another chance. It's never too late for happily ever after, and I swear that I'll be your ________ forever.


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