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Romantic Getaway on a Budget - Creativity Can Take You Places


If you suddenly catch your mind wandering to places as far as Paris, Rome or even Egypt then you know you're itching to go places but if budget is a cause of concern, don't fret, you and your loved one can still go for a much needed sweet escape.

Going on a romantic getaway doesn't mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket. Traveling on budget with romance in your mind is not impossible it just takes a certain amount of creativity to find the right getaway made for two. Here are some ideas for going on a vacation on a budget.

Romantic Getaway: Locations with a Budget

Romantic getaways on a budget can be tricky but with a little push in creativity, it can take you places. Start with checking out nearby hotels and ask about the honeymoon suite, which you can book for a day or two.

It may seem that you're only going on a vacation nearby but the difference in location makes the setting more romantic. This kind of getaway is guaranteed to bring a lot of saving especially from the cost flying, the meals you spend on vacation and other related costs.

Another great idea for a romantic getaway on a budget is to stay at a bed and breakfast. These establishments are not only located in frequented tourist areas they are also located in local areas.

Unlike hotels, staying at a bed and breakfast feels a little more like home where the both of you can relax and enjoy the comfy atmosphere. Romantic getaways in a bed and breakfast nearby let's you save on cost. It also allows you to save on meal costs since reservations here already include the meals.

Romantic Getaway: Staying Romantic

Creating a romantic setting or a romantic vibe takes a little bit of creativity on your part. For instance, try to spruce up an otherwise bland hotel room with candles and order in some room service. Serving up a tasteful dinner with a great ambience is all you need to fire up the romance in a room.

You can also plan a night out in town with your loved one. Sometimes the local scene is enough to create some romance. Find a restaurant where you can dine and relax in.

Watch a movie together or an opera where you can both enjoy the experience. Or if you both want some fun, you can go on a theme park. These are affordable ways you can keep the romance burning that won't stretch your wallet.

Romance doesn't have to cost a fortune. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit if resourcefulness and creativity in planning a romantic getaway to keep the romance alive.


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